25 Years Garra rufa

Aqualife Jaspert are known as breeders of the Genuine Kangal Garra rufa fishes.
We are world wide Kangal Garra rufa fish supplier.

Aqualife JaspertAqualife Jaspert continues to breed and maintain the highest quality of Kangal Garra Rufa fishes from the original line of breeders we acquired 25 years ago.

We have gained an incredible amount of knowledge and technique from years of rearing, caring and studying this particular breed.
Our Kangal Garra rufa fishes live and swim in controlled environment without the aid of any antibiotics or other chemicals.
We constantly monitor and evaluate our Kangal Garra rufa fishes during breeding, cultivation and maintenance.

Aqualife Jaspert Kangal Garra rufa fishes are inspected and certified by our City Veterinary to be healthy and free from diseases before they are meticulously sorted and counted during packing prior to every shipment.
Only a certain number of fishes go into a specially designed plastic bag with clean, clear and chemical-free water to enable comfortable fish movement, thus preventing stress and mortality during transport. We always add a few fishes for every order at no additional charge.
Aqualife Jaspert issues certificate to every transaction to assure our customers that they get the Genuine Kangal Garra Rufa fishes every time we deliver.

Our clientele have grown around the world and are convinced and truly pleased with the amazing results these Aqualife Jaspert Kangal Garra rufa fishes can do to the skin. A growing number of Wellness / Spa and Therapy Centers use Aqualife Jaspert Kangal Garra rufa fishes in their program. Even Beauty Salons and Nail Studios are now using them for their hand and foot spa services.

We give certificate to assure that we sell the Genuine Kangal Garra rufa fishes.
We only send quality Aqualife Jaspert Kangal Garra Rufa fishes to our valued customers in the best possible condition.